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      2. Extrusion Lines For Pipes


        PVC//Wood Plastic Crust Foam Board Production Line
        1. PVC Furniture Plate Production line
        2. PVC BathCabinet /Cabinet Plate Production Line
        3. PVC Floor Plate Production Line
        4. PVC Co-extrusion Production Line
        5. PVC Advertising Board Production Line
        6. PVC Building Template Production Line
        Plastic Extruder Series
        1. Small Co-extruder
        2. Mono Screw Extruder
        3. Twin Conical Screws Extruder
        Extrusion Lines For Plates, Flat Films And Sheets
        1. PET Packing Belt / Drawbench Production Line
        2. PC / PP / PE and PVC Plastic Hollow Cross Section Plate Extrusion Line
        3. PVC Free Foamed Sheet, Board, Decoration Sheet Production Line
        4. Wide Floor Sheet / Waterproof Sheet Production Line
        5. XPS Foamed Board Extrusion Line
        6. PE / PP Foamed Board Production Line
        7. PC / PP / PE Hollow Profile Board Production Line
        8. PVC Half-crust Foamed Board Production Line
        9. PVC Crusted Foamed Plate Production Line
        10. PVC Crust Foamed Plate Production Line
        11. PP / PE Board Production Line
        12. ABS Single Layer / Multi-Layers Composite Sheet Production Line
        13. PC / PMMA / PS / MS Sheet Production Line
        14. PP / PE / HIPS / PET / EVA / EVAOH Single Layer / Multi-Layers Composite Sheet Production Line
        15. Unidirectional and two-direction Plastic Earthwork Grid Production Line
        16. PVC artificial marble board/lamination sheet production line
        17. PVC Stone Plastic Floor Production Line
        Extrusion Lines For Pipes
        1. Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line
        2. Large Diameter UPVC Solid Wall Tube Production Line
        3. Large Diameter (Steel Frame) Rotating Hollow Wave Tube
        4. Vertical and horizontal HDPE/PVC large-caliber double-wall corrugated pipe and PVC reinforced pipe production line
        5. Common Diameter HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
        6. GF-63 Twin Pipe Extrusion Production Line
        7. PE Carbon Spiral Reinforcing Pipe Production line
        8. UHMW-PE Pipe or Plate Extrusion Line
        9. PVC / PE Cross-Section Communication Cable Pipe Extrusion Line
        10. PE-RT PP-R and PEX Dual-Strand Pipe Extrusion Line
        11. High Pressure RTP Twisted Composite Pipe Extrusion Line&Fittings
        12. Special use single-wall and double-wall corrugated pipe machine
        13. Small Diameter Special Pipe Extrusion Line
        14. PVC-C High Voltage Cable Protection Pipe Extrusion Line
        15. Aluminum-PPR Pipe Extrusion Line
        16. PVC Fiber Enhancing Soft Pipe Unit
        17. The U-PVC foamed inside spiral muffle pipe production line PVC-ABS composite water supply pipe production line
        18. HDPE Speed Hdpe Silicone Core Tube Extruder Production Line
        19. Pre-stress plastic corrugated pipe production line
        20. GFQ Series Automatic Pipe No-dust Cutter and Planetary Cutter
        21. ZSGK Series Automatic PVC Pipe Belling Machine and Mould.
        Profiled Material Production Line
        1. PVC Edge Bang Productin Line
        3. PVC Profiled Material Production Line
        4. WPC Wall Panel Production Line
        Extrusion line for Granulation
        1. Plastic extruding granulation unit
        2. Extrusion line for granulation from recycled waste film
        3. The SLZ compulsion feed-in type conical screw recovery granulation unit
        4. Extrusion line for pigment palletizing
        Auxiliary Equipments
        1. SMP-400 Powder grinder
        2. SWP Series Plastic Crusher
        3. SHRL High-speed Mixing and Cooling Machine
        Extrusion series mould
        1. PP / PE pipe mould
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        Technical Parameters

        UHMW-PE Pipe or Plate Extrusion Line

        UHMW-PE pipe extrusion line is our newly developed extrusion line. With continuous extrusion method, you can get pipe, rod,plate and sheet. UHMW-PE is new type of thermoforming engineering plastic and it has some special excellent characters than the ordinary PE. Its physical
        characters are much more better than ordinary polyethylene. Among all the existing plastics, it has the best anti-abrasive, anti-chemical, shock-absorptive and self-lubrication characters. So it is called“an amazing plastic”.
        This extrusion line adopts special designed screw, slotted barrel, special extrusion die head, vacuum calibration and other units. In the material, you can add several additives and it can satisfy many process requirements.

        ● Power generation plant: chemical plant: for the supply or drainage of
            pure water, chemical water and sea water
        ● Mineral plant: mineral mixing liquid transferring
        ● Oil plant: Pipe for nature gas, oil and water
        ● Infrastructure: Water supply, sewage

                                                           UHMW-PE  Comparison with Several Plastics

        Test Item Test method Unit UHMWPE PA66 PVC PE 鋼管


        D-1505 g/cm3 0.93 1.13-1.15 1.4 0.945 7.8
        Thermo Deformation Temperature D-648 oC
        85 182-224 54-73 71
        Notch Cantilever Beam Impact Strength D-256 J/cm no failure 0.59-1.08 <1.0 2.7
        Rockwell Hardness D-747 1200 40 85-120 55

        Rate of Wear Three Stone Chemical Way 21 100 320 55 100
        Corrosion Resistance 
        Excellent Good Excellent Good Bad
        Impact Strength at Low temperature -40oC J/cm 150 <1 <0.5 5
        Environment Application Break Resistance

        >4000 2000

        Notice: The data above is subject to change, no further notification.

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