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      ABOUT US

      Qingdao Zhongsu Machinery Co.,LTd locates at the opening coastal city with great world fame. As the influence of the high developing economic of Big Qingdao, and the convenient Land Ocean and Air transportation, the total Zhongsu staff have been working hard and kept on progressing for decades years. We have developed and did a lot of researches in the plastic industry. We learn from the other manufactures from overseas, and dedicated to design, develop and manufacture the plastic machines. We struggle to realize that our extruding processing method and formulation technology are at the top position and could be the guide of the industry.

      Qingdao Zhongsu Machinery Co., LTd as the first grade large plastic machine manufacturer, has developed the PVC crust foam board, PVC wood foam board, PVC plastic construction plate lines . The quality of our products are at first three in our country. We are leading and dominating this industry. The best quality mould and special design double screws are chosen as the components. And the high benefit and low cost formula wins lots of appraisal of all our customers. We also provide various plastic plate lines, various plastic tube line, plastic profile lines and various extruding auxiliary machines and plastic extruding mould.

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